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Every November the country comes into Canada's largest city with the Royal Fair. This is an event that has been going on since 1922 and now brings in over 300,000 visitors annually from those working in cosmetic dentistry Toronto based who used to ride as teenagers to international breeders and growers. If you're living in the Toronto area or are planning your next vacation and you're a horse enthusiast than this might be the perfect destination for you.

From dressage to rodeo, the Royal Horse Show seeks to show off all of the amazing feats that horses and humans are able to accomplish together. The National and International Showjumping events will give you a chance to see Canadians who are on their way to the Olympics to athletes from around the world that are already at that level. If you're a pet vet London Ontario based who mainly works with this species of animal or are attending your first equestrian event than you are sure to be impressed by those competing in these categories. There are also Olympic-level competitors in the Dressage events.

During the day on the weekends of the Royal you can attend one of the Horse Show Matinees. You can also take in a Horse Hockey game or check out the Royal Rodeo. Not even the best fan could imagine all of the different things that are going on at the Royal. Some horse related events require extra admission but are well worth the additional cost.

While you might be here to see the equestrian events, you should know that there are lots more things to do at the fair. Kids will love the Dogs vs Horses contest and can visit the petting zoo. If you're thinking of providing your family with more organic food options in your cooking than you might want to learn a little more at the Journey to Your Good Health exhibit. There is also a Harvest Market if you want to stock up right here on site.

When thinking about agriculture and the country one of the first things that's likely to come to mind is farming and food production. You can experience many of the different products that are grown right here in Ontario at different events and exhibits throughout the Royal. The Royal Brew House and The Wine Tasting Bar are two off the favorite stops, as well as Harvest Grill and The Hitching Ring Cafe & Bar. When you get to the entrance to the Royal Fair you should expect to spend the whole day here. There is just so much that you can see and do.

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