Everyone has a passion. For some people, it's buying and selling houses or luxury dream cars. For others, it's a particular sport. For many girls here in Canada and across the world, it's horses. You don't have to own a horse, you don't need to have ridden a horse, you don't even need to have seen a real horse to be a horse girl. Horse girls usually find their deep and abiding love for horses the first time they see a picture of these magnificent animals in a magazine or on a calendar. This website is dedicated to all the horse girls out there who want to learn more about horses and share their passion with others.

Horses are intelligent, gentile, creatures who have worked alongside human beings for thousands of years to bring about the level of comfort we have in our civilization today. A lot of what we have now, from farming techniques to transportation, was once given to us through the effort of horses, and for that we at Horse Girl believe the animals deserve our respect. We'll take you through the history of the domesticated horse, from its early efforts in farming to its role in the industry throughout history, in our horse history section.

Did you know that horses only sleep two to three hours a day? Or that no two horses are identical? Or that you can tell how old a horse is by looking at its teeth? These are just a few of the fun facts about horses you'll learn in our horse physiology section. In addition to being service animals, there are also wild horses who have habitats, diets, mating rituals, and life spans just like other animals. Here at Horse Girl, we'll teach you all about horses as they are or were in the wild, before the days of suburban real estate.

At Horse Girl, we believe that all girls who love horses should be able to have a chance to ride, so one of the other areas we'll focus on in our website is how and where you might get a chance to ride a horse. It doesn't matter if you have money or not, there's a place out there with a horse that's waiting for you to ride it. You can break the monotony of work by daydreaming about the horse riding adventure or equestrian lesson you'll be taking this weekend. You'll find the info in our lessons and adventures section.

And there's plenty more as well. We'll bring you all the latest news about horse riding, horse raising, and equestrian sports as well as the nicest pictures we can find and information on everything from riding in a competition to how to become a an equine specialist. To get started, just choose a topic on the navigation bar at the top of the page to see the articles we have on the subject, or you can email us with your ideas for articles on horses.

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