Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world. It has been practiced for more than one thousand years and is now a major international event for all sorts of people. You will find an Avaya IP telephones company hosting an event at a race or a family enjoying the sport on their weekend. Gambling on races is a billion dollar industry but it is much more to those that participate in it as an athlete or a spectator.

Most equestrian sports started as a way for the riders to hone their skills, which were used in battle or for hunting. This is no different when it comes to horse racing. Chariot racing was an event that took place in ancient Greece, in Roman culture and was a sport of the Byzantine Empire. Before we had air conditioning and heat from furnaces (info here), or cars in London people were going to watch these dangerous events that commonly resulted in injuries and sometimes even deaths.

You won't find many people dying from the modern version of this sport but that is certainly not because of a lack of skill needed to be a great jockey. You need to be small but very strong and have a gift for working with all different kinds of horses. You won't find a lot of people coming out of their riding club with the right physique and training to become a successful jockey. But it is possible for those who are willing to work for it.

There are several different kinds of horse races that a person can participate in. In North America you will most commonly find people attending thoroughbred racing or watching races like the Kentucky Derby from their homes. But there are also endurance races, and quarter horse racing. In many countries in Europe, including Ireland and Great Britain, National Hunt racing is extremely popular.

Because of the gambling aspect of horse racing it has become somewhat of a controversial sport. But it is still a great way of spending time with the family or developing your skills as a rider. If you're looking for a fun thing to do miles away from your house or want to give your daughter a chance to ride than you might want to consider looking into training in horse racing.

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