If you have a large plot of land, whether or not you're using it to run a farm, you might find that you need some tools and supplies that you won't be able to get at your average garden centre. You might need something a little more heavy duty than the people are using to mow their grass or could need some supplies to keep your horses healthy and happy. Here are some of the most common things that you might need to pick up and the sort of places where you can go to get them.

Those that have a lot of land need a way to get around it. Where you will see cars parked in the driveway, you will see various kinds of tractors out in the country. There are many different models out there. Some are best for commercial farms and have attachments for all sorts of jobs. Others are just perfect for those that need to lug hay to the barn for the animals every day. While you might be able to find some smaller models at a place like Home Hardware, the best are going to come from farm supply stores. And you might just be able to save some money by buying used.

When you buy a new home you're going to head to a store like IKEA to fill it full of furniture and appliances. Those who are equipping a barn are going to need tools to help them care for the animals, keep the place as neat and clean as possible, and maybe even to ride the horses. While you're going to want to travel closer to large city centres to get all of the supplies for your home, you're likely going to want to go into the country to get your farm supplies. They will have everything from pitchforks to saddles at the local co-op or farm supply centre.

If you're caring for animals at your home than you likely have a veterinarian clinic that is going to be able to come out and help you with the major issues. But you might want to have some supplies around the barn in case you have a smaller problem with one of your horses. When your vet makes their first trip to your barn you should ask them what sort of supplies they recommend that you keep in stock. They might even be able to sell them to you or can certainly point you in the direction of the nearest store that will. Braids and Laces, arbour rope supplier, has graciously provided funding for this page. Their support is much appreciated!

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