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Horses are an amazing animal that fascinate many people. Almost every little girl dreams of someday having her own horse that she can bond with and ride. Horse riding is an activity that can be fun for the whole family, in fact many people consider farm living because they dream of riding horses with their family and friends. One aspect of horse riding that holds particular allure for many people is show jumping.

Show jumping is an equestrian sport that is popular in many areas. When you are shopping for Edmonton real estate you might notice that there are many stables around that city where people train for show jumping. Many people aren't clear on what, exactly, show jumping is. Show jumping is an equestrian sport that is related to many other equestrian events, each with its own set of rules and standards.

There are two classes in show jumping, hunter class or jumper class. Hunter class jumpers are judged on style, it doesn't just matter if the horse completes a jump, it matters how well the horse completes the jump. Hunter class riders can be described as being very "proper", the courses are usually simpler and the riders are dressed conservatively. veterinarian would probably enjoy hunter class because it puts the emphasis on the horse and it's movement.

Jumper class is much showier than hunter class. If you need a break from your job for instance, you will probably enjoy the challenging and vibrant courses that are found in jumper class. In jumper class horses are judged in more of an all or nothing manner. Style is not a factor, and the judging is based on whether the horse finishes the entire course on time and whether it attempts and is able to complete all of the jumps. While the standards for attire for jumper class riders is less strict than for hunter class riders there are still standards in place and the rider must be well turned out and will show better if dressed formally.

If you want to get out and experience something new you might consider attending a show jumping event. Whether you are planning to attend a jumper class event or a hunter class event you should take the time to learn about the sport before you attend, so that you fully enjoy the event. You might check out a book from the library to learn about the fascinating history of show jumping or you could visit a local stable and talk to the people there about the sport. Most people will be happy to share their love of the sport with you.

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